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RFS Behavioral Health's Special Education Program is an extensive level of school and community-based mental health services. The program breaks down barriers to effective learning and works directly with your child's teachers, school counselors, and psychologists to address the needs of special education students. It promotes early intervention by trained mental health clinicians that gives the student the best opportunity to redirect problematic behaviors so they can return to a traditional classroom setting.

The Special Education Program is designed to coordinate and bridge the gap between students, parents, and the school by allowing real-time intervention based on a collaborative approach. Services are provided year-round, including during school breaks, continuous access, after-hour crisis support, integrated extra-curricular activities, and school and community involvement. 

Treatment Strategies Focus On:

  • Therapeutic Interventions (as needed)

  • Stress and Anger Management

  • Positive Interaction (social skills)

  • Enhance Well-Being 

  • Crisis Intervention 

  • Individualized crisis and transition plan 

  • Individual and group therapy 

  • Proactive approach 

  • Weekly case reviews with student supports at school 

  • Daily and weekly reports on student's progress 

RFS Behavioral Health's Special Education Program Proudly Serves:


  • Westfield High School 

  • Riverside Elementary 

  • East Broadway Elementary

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