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Behavioral Health Services for Schools, Children and Adolescents.

Northwest Ohio's Leading School-Based Mental Health Provider

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About Us


At RFS Behavioral Health, we are dedicated to offering innovative and accessible mental health services that integrate seamlessly into the daily lives of adolescents and their families. Specializing in school-based programs, our mission is to enhance student well-being while promoting academic success in Ohio.

About Us

How the T.A.C.K.L.E. Program Supports Student Success

Collaborative Support

We team up with the school administration and staff to address any barriers, ensuring that your student receives the support they need to succeed.

How We Work

Our Services

Our Services
Psychotherapy Session


Engaging students with strength-based approaches and directly addressing school-related issues.​

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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Assessments

Providing timely assessments at school or community-based settings.

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Early and Real-Time Interventions

Acting swiftly on behavioral signals and ensuring immediate support during emergencies at school.

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Therapeutic Behavioral Services

Supporting students suffering from trauma with specially trained staff.

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Linkage & Coordination

Emphasizing short-term, goal-focused solutions for a positive impact.

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Why Choose RFS Behavioral Health?

Collaborative Relationships

We are pioneers in building partnerships that bridge the gap between schools, families, and community resources, ensuring comprehensive care.

Our Partners
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Integrating the Best of Physical and Mental Healthcare with


At RFS Behavioral Health, we've embraced a forward-thinking partnership with Health Partners of Western Ohio, understanding that optimal health care transcends the traditional boundaries of medical treatment. This collaboration is more than a merger of services—it's a commitment to providing a holistic health experience that addresses both the physical and mental well-being of our clients and their families.

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